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  • In the heart of Rouen
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Rouen, historical capital of Normandy

Rouen, the historical capital of Normandy, is also known as the ‘the city of the one hundred bell towers that ring in the air’. This city and its extraordinary colours is a place that you should visit. These are some of the main sites that you can’t miss:

  • The Great Clock
  • The Cathedral of Notre Dame
  • The houses with wooden frameworks and pedestrian streets
  • The antique dealers’ area
  • River tourism and port activity
  • Museums: Fine Arts, Gros-Horloge, Natural History Museum, Ceramics, Ferronnerie Le Secq des Tournelles, Antiques, National Museum of Education, Juana de Arco, Flaubert, River and Marine
  • Gothic churches : Saint-Ouen, Saint-Maclou, Saint-Patrice, Saint-Godard, Saint-Vivien
  • Interesting: The Aître (patio), Saint-Maclou, Palace of Bourgtheroulde, Public Prosecutors’ Chamber
  • Nearby: Valley of the Seine and Norman abbeys: Giverny and Étretat

And if you have the chance, you should visit one of the festivals of Rouen:

… in June: ‘Viva Cité’

… and in October: ‘Anniversary of the Belly Celebration and the Norman Celebration’

Lili in Wonderland

Normandy: beauty with its own personality

During your stay in Rouen, we would recommend you to visit other beautiful places that also played a role in the history and culture of the region. Below you will find a list of sites that you can’t miss during your stay in Normandy.


The city where Claude Monet was born, this small city of the High Normandy has a very impressionist spirit.

What to see: Monet’s House, Monet’s Gardens and the Vernon Museum.

Approximate distance from Rouen: 68 km.


Small seaside town that tempts you with its small picturesque streets, its wooden façades and its impressionist patrimony.

What to see: the Vieux-Bassin, the Lieutenance, the Gate of Caen and the Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

Approximate distance from Rouen: 88 km.


The particular shape of its cliffs inspire you imagination. Staying there for a while will help you to understand why.

What to see: the cliffs, the “Trou à l’Homme” (manhole) and the old market.

Approximate distance from Rouen: 89 km.

Le Havre

A fascinating town with its strange beauty, in it you will find the attractions of an active city, its classic architecture that makes it a World Heritage Site, the dynamism of a great European port and the charms of a seaside town.

What to see the town centre (UNESCO World Heritage Centre), the church of Saint-Joseph, the Town Hall Square and the Model Apartment by architect August Perret.

Approximate distance from Rouen: 89 km.